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We are a team of highly trained and professional hair loss treatment practitioners who have perfected the treatment for hair loss and scalp problems of all types, in men and women of all ages. Regardless of the type of hair and type of scalp condition you have, we have the right type of treatment service for you.

Herbalyn Hair Loss Treatment:

Carefully formulated using all-natural herbs and botanical extracts, Herbalyn has been proven extremely affective in the active treatment of hair loss and a host of associated scalp conditions. Appropriate use of Herbalyn has not only proven to stimulate hair growth, but is continued use has also helped proactively prevent hair loss.

Herbalyn Scalp Treatment

At the root of most hair loss situations is the scalp. It is the scalp that is responsible for fostering healthy follicles, which in turn nurtures strong and healthy hair. It is the scalp that regulates vital blood flow to the follicles which keeps hair falling. However, conditions like dandruff, sensitive scalp, dry scalp or oily scalp can cause permanent hair loss if not treated promptly. Our Herbalyn Scalp Treatment actively addresses all of those conditions to produce healthy scalp.

Herbalyn Hair Care Treatment

Even if you aren’t suffering higher than normal hair loss, and even if your scalp isn’t inflamed or irritated due to dryness or infection, our Herbalyn Hair Care Treatment is the ideal solution for proactively nourishing the growth of shiny, healthy hair. And with its formulation of natural non-invasive herbal colour, Herbalyn serves as a great way to color your hair while at the same time giving your hair the care it deserves.

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